At GreenMind, we help our clients move proactively ahead of the marketplace using custom designed strategies and methodologies. We partner with you to maximize your company's economic and environmental performance.

Our consulting services focus on three main areas:


We work with organizations that are interested in becoming sustainability leaders. Using our proprietary GreenMap process, we define, illustrate and track all the elements that the most sustainable organizations should be evaluating on a regular basis. Typically our client engagements fall into the following five areas of interest:

1.  Vision - Establish a straightforward sustainability vision for the organization.

2.  People - Educate teams throughout the organization to increase cross-functional awareness and build internal sustainability resources.

3.  Methodology -Implement processes and procedures designed for maximum strategic advantage.

4.  Tools -  Design custom tools to improve the organization’s ability to implement sustainable practices.

5.  Product & Services - Partner with innovation leaders within the organization to create new product and service offerings that meet the needs of customers and the evolving marketplace.


GreenMind provides consulting services for projects large and small. We have had the pleasure of working with owners and developers looking to maximize their real estate investments. We have worked with architecture, engineering and construction firms, delivering industry-leading solutions to their project teams around the world. Our balanced approach to project consulting is the result of working on sustainability from a myriad of client and business perspectives.

Our project experience includes commercial, industrial and residential. We have helped corporations plan their next corporate campus, manufacturers renovate their factories and homeowners design and build their green dream homes. We have worked locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We enjoy stewarding projects progress from concept to design through engineering and construction into full operations. We believe when a building is fully operational the real journey toward sustainability is just beginning.


Leading sustainable product manufacturers have many factors to consider when designing, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and selling their products. GreenMind can help identify strategies and build plans aimed at smart growth, from both economic and environmental perspectives.

When collaborating with clients on research and development of new sustainable solutions, GreenMind brings deep and broad product development expertise. We understand what consumers are looking for in the marketplace. We have studied best practices of project teams around the world. We come equipped with insight gained from working with leading manufacturers to create award-winning sustainable solutions that address the needs of millions of customers.

We welcome and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.