Technology Development

Our goal is to build solutions that make sustainable decision making simple and straightforward. The intelligence within sustainability is profound and we aim to illuminate that in the decision making tools we create.

We believe simplicity > complexity. 

GreenMind: An Incubator of ideas

GreenMind's mission to simplify sustainable decision making started with the needs of our clients. In the early 2000's we noticed that the analysis required for sustainability-focused decision-making involved hundreds and sometimes thousands of calculations and evaluations. The development, design and construction phases of most projects involve decision cycles that repeat themselves over and over again, as project teams must repeatedly evaluate the impacts of changes.  We didn't like performing these repetitive analyses, and we knew our clients didn't either, so we designed ways to automate and speed up those tedious calculations.

We began to build tools for our clients to help shorten these analysis cycles, resulting in significant savings of time and money over the life of the project. As these tools became more sophisticated, GreenMind standardized them and made them available to the industry as stand-along software applications.  Today, millions of dollars and countless hours of productivity are routinely saved through the use of these applications, and GreenMind is committed to continuing to build innovative software, apps and games for both internal use and commercialization to the industry.   

Below are some examples of technology that began as concepts and ideas within our consulting business and grew into products and companies of their own.  


MyGreenPayback is a web-based app that is designed to quickly and easily calculate the payback potential of high performance green products/solutions in our lives, our homes and our businesses.

We're dedicated to simplifying sustainable decision making by demonstrating the benefits of high performance products. For thousands of green products on the market, MyGreenPayback provides information on product lifecycles and measures impacts on human health, energy, planet health and water.


ecoScorecard was co-founded by Paul Shahriari, Martin Flaherty, David Carlson and Michael Shahriari in 2007. Our mission was to "make green easy". ecoScorecard was the world's first cloud-based environmental product documentation software application. The ecoScorecard platform enjoyed double digit growth in both revenue and users during it's first 3 years of operation. ecoScorecard continues to be the best free solution for project teams looking to quickly search, select, evaluate and document their selection against the leading green building standard in North America. ecoScorecard was the first technology provider to integrate green product analysis and documentation into the BIM workflow with free plugins for Autodesk Revit and Trimble SketchUp.  

The ecoScorecard BIM tools can save project teams hundreds of hours during their work on projects striving for LEED certification.   In 2010 ecoScorecard was acquired by SmartBIM LLC



ecoLogic3 was founded in 2005 by Paul Shahriari, Al Kabus and Michael Shahriari. Our mission was to create a web-based collaborative tool that allowed project teams to address cost/benefit analysis for LEED projects. ecoLogic3 was the first to market with a software solution that allowed project teams to examine the investment value of LEED certified, silver, gold and platinum credit attainment.  

“ecologic3 is the first tool I’m aware of that makes it easy to understand the financial implications of building green."                                                                   USGBC CEO & Founding Chairman Rick Fedrizzi April 2006

ecologic3 has been featured in following media outlets:  Harvard Business Review, Buildings Magazine – 2007 Editors’ Choice Top Products - Software, Land Development Today, Environmental Design & Construction, Urban Land, Building Design & Construction, Interior Design Online, Architectural Week Online

In 2011, ecoLogic3 was acquired by SmartBIM LLC.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Bosch Green Thinking Microsite

Paul Shahriari worked with Bosch Home Appliances USA to create the concept for a microsite that was aimed at helping both the trades and consumers understand why Bosch Appliances were the industry leader in energy and water efficiency. We developed the concept of a resource center that would feature a customer-facing tool that would quickly and easily calculate the energy and water savings of the Bosch product offering when modeled after a real consumers usage profile.

Boschʼs Green Resource Center web site was awarded several of Building Productsʼ 2007 Vanguard Awards, including Best Overall, Best Product Information, Best Interactivity and Best Section for Professionals categories. Boschʼs unique site also earned honorable mentions in the Best Navigation, Design and Installation Support categories. Building Productsʼ Vanguard Awards are voted on by actual builders and remodelers, and honors manufacturers leading the way in digital media, while also showing a commitment to providing accessible product information to their professional clientele.